A Letter to President Obama (Re: DOMA)

To President Barack Obama:

Get off your ass! Your slow moving response to repealing the Defense of Marriage Act is tearing up the lives of families.

If gay and lesbians were allowed the same federal benefits of marriage, then Anthony John Makk would still be able to reside with his spouse of seven years, Bradford Wells.  Instead Makk, who married Wells in Massachusetts in 2004 and is a citizen of Australia, has been told that he has to leave the US by August 25th.

This is just a reminder that the struggle for equality is far from over.  New York may have passed a marriage equality bill in June.  But that was only a small step towards full marriage equality in the United States.

So, Mr. President, what exactly can you do?  Repeal DOMA, while you’re at it how about speeding up that “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal!?!

It may not seem urgent to you because you know that none of the gays will vote for Romney, or Bachmann, or any of the other Republican nominees in 2012.  But you’re not winning yourself any new fans, either.



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