Summer Blues

Daddycatcher has been a tad bit irritable lately.  His co-workers would probably say, “What else is new?”  But they know better!

Here are just some of things getting on Daddycatcher’s bad side:

N.Y. Town Clerk won’t sign gay marriage licenses – Lady, it’s time to find a new line of work! You are a state official, it’s your job!

Michele Bachmann – And we all thought Sarah Palin was nuts!

New Employment
– Daddycatcher has been sending out resumes for a new job since February.  But every time the phone rings, is it a potential job interview?  No, it’s Sallie Mae wanting yet another student loan payment!

Pippa Middleton – Stop trying to make her happen people! It’s all about Kate!

The New York Times – a 20 article limit per month unless a subscription is purchased.  Daddycatcher can go through 20 articles in an hour.

Shorts As Formal Wear – C’mon gays!  Just because we pulled off marriage equality doesn’t mean that you can pull this trend off.  Brad Goreski…you should know better!

White Collar – Love the show, but why can’t Dianne Carroll have a bigger role in the series!?! She is fabulous!!!

Summer Vacation – Daddycatcher would rather be at a pool with a frozen cocktail or on vacation with Audra McDonald and Chandra Wilson at Disney World!


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