Quite the Absence

Well, it’s a been since March 7th that Daddycatcher has posted anything.  Unacceptable!!!

As unacceptable as Daddycatcher believes it is, it’s been a rough month and a half. Sometimes you find yourself in a funk and it can be really hard to get out of it.  Daddycatcher has been in such a funk since he returned from his vacation in Los Angeles.

It has been really hard to find motivation to do even the simplest things. Work performance has suffered.  Daddycatcher’s dieting and workouts have suffered.  Keeping up with the blogging has suffered as well.

Many different things have contributed to this funk.  All seem to be wrapped up around a countdown towards Daddycatcher’s 30th birthday, which is 295 days away.  It seems silly really.  30 is just a number.  Yet, it has forced Daddycatcher to evaluate his life up to this point.  Is Daddycatcher in the relationship he wants to be in?  Is Daddycatcher in this job because he’s too scared to find out what else he might be good at? Is New York City really the place he belongs?  My generation has been conditioned to think that we can achieve anything we want.  We are built to have such high expectations that some of us aren’t able to understand that life is nothing more than a series of small moments linked together by the rising and setting of the sun.

It’s been a dark and unusual time for Daddycatcher.  But after some considerable amount of time in front of the television watching Disney movies, Daddycatcher is beginning to see a little light.

He’s making active decisions to change his life.  Those changes range from small things (a new pair of glasses) to big decisions, such as quitting his part-time night job to focus on his writing.  And returning back to Daddycatcher’s Realm.

It’s still a tough time, though.  Some mornings it is hard to get out of bed to start the day.  Sometimes Daddycatcher will sit at his desk and stare at his computer screen knowing that he should be doing work.  In those times where it all seems rather futile, Daddycatcher reminds himself of all the good things that he is surrounded by.  He has the love of a good man – the Big Man. He’s not poor.  He has an amazing group of friends.  And despite the weight issues, he’s not obese.

So, Daddycatcher is making the decision to keep posting regularly.  It’s all part of appreciating all the wonders that life provides.

Now that Daddycatcher has gotten a little preachy…it’s time to bring on the musical show clips, hot daddies, and random musings!!!


2 Responses to “Quite the Absence”

  1. Glad to see you back! I’ve really been missing your updates. I can appreciate your situation, having been through it myself. Just trust me on this one (although you have absolutely no reason to): life after 30 is amazing, spectacular, and completely wonderful. Don’t fear it. Look forward to it! Again, I’m glad you’re back. Your theater updates are great for those of us not lucky enough to live anywhere near NYC.

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