Daddycatcher…Catching up!

No…Daddycatcher has not gone on vacation yet!

Sometimes life just get in the way of blogging!  It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks for Daddycatcher but he’s a few days away from rest and relaxation in sunny California!

But what has been happening in the past two weeks:

Daddycatcher Turned 29 – Daddycatcher celebrated “pushing 30” at a tequila-infused party with all of his friends.  As a birthday gift, Daddycatcher received 9 animated Disney classics on DVD plus a homemade Disney day calendar counting down to “Daddycatcher’s Fabulous 30th Birthday at Disneyland Extravaganza!”

Benefit Gala – The Gala Honoring Patti LuPone went really well! Sure it didn’t raise all that was hoped for, but it was executed perfectly by the staff and volunteers.  Plus, La LuPone and Audra McDonald sang a surprise encore of “Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again” which made Daddycatcher cry…like any self-respecting gay man should.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark – An utter mess! Just think of how many respectable shows could be produced with the $65 million that has been poured into this show.

2010 Taxes – Daddycatcher is getting a nice refund!!! And what is he going to do with it…pay some credit card debt and buy some concert tickets!!!  Yes, sir – Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony, Ricky Martin at Prudential Center, Kylie Minogue at Hammerstein Ballroom, and Laura Benanti at Feinstein’s.

Valentine’s Day – Daddycatcher got the Big Man a box full of chocolate desserts!  We had dinner and margaritas at our favorite place – Cilantro!  Why fix what ain’t broken!

Vacation Prep – Daddycatcher will be out of town 2/20 – 2/27 for a nice little vacation with Daddycatcher’s family.  Goodbye New York winter!

Downton Abbey – With so much TV he needs to catch up on, Daddycatcher somehow has gotten addicted to the British mini-series Downton Abbey via Netflix Instant Watch.  It’s like a prime time soap only in Edwardian England!

And that, in a quick wrap-up, is what has been going on with Daddycatcher!


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