Homophobia in the Big Brother House…Again!

You know you don’t have a leg to stand on when you have to attack someone’s sexuality!

From the live feeds and the August 18th episode of Big Brother 12…Last week’s evictee, Rachel, has returned for 24 hours after her showmance Brendan opened up Pandora’s Box in the house.  It seems Rachel has 24 hours to gain information for her jury vote but she has other things in mind.

It may have been gameplay on her part, but Rachel decided to attack Ragan’s homosexuality on the Big Brother live feeds.    Rachel said offensive things to Ragan about “not being a man” and “at least, I can keep a boyfriend.”  And the classic line – “Why are you such a bitch? Because you’re gay?”

But Ragan let her have it! This speech was edited for the televised episode, but this is it in its entirety:

Everything that you have done in here has been such a vile, pathetic ‘look at me, look at me, look at me.’ Rachel, one day, you will realize…you will get a modicum of class and you will realize that the attention that you want is not from negative behavior but by treating people with decency and respect.  If you think that you are going to go through life running over people and treating them the way that you treated everybody in this house, you have another thing coming.  The minute you get out of that jury house, I guarantee you , you’re going to take a long, hard look at yourself because everybody is going to treat you the same way that you have treated everybody in this house.  You will get what is coming to you.  Believe me, you are going to be so disgusted with yourself when you watch these episodes.  So disgusted with yourself as I am certain America is disgusted with you.  I have never watched one person leave this house without a single person high-fiving them.  How many people high-fived you, Rachel? Done counting already.  Take it as a tip and learn from it.

Anyone else want to use this as an audition monologue!?!

Despite Rachel’s protests that she loves gay people, no one who truly loves gay people would attack a a homosexual with the taunts that she used.  That only proves that she had no valid arguments and was grabbing at straws.  Attacking a person’s sexuality is one of the vilest things someone can do.  Despite being a chemistry major, Rachel apparently needs more schooling in the social department.

Ragan for the win!!!!


2 Responses to “Homophobia in the Big Brother House…Again!”

  1. It is time for Big Brother to stop covering up the homophobic and ignorant house guests they have on the show.

    They should show all of the ignorant and hateful things Rachel said to Ragan and then completely remove her from the show.

    This is yet another season that Big Brother has failed to show on the CBS broadcast the homophobic slurs of one of the house guests.

    Ragan was spot on. Rachel is a horrible arrogant self-centered person.

  2. I Agree. Rachel was nothing but an annoying snob. Ragan had every right to blow up on her, and she deserved it. He’s my favorite for standing up to her. 🙂

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