The Good (Gay) Wife

The Good Wife, the best new TV show of last season, is adding another character to its line-up of amazing characters.  Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies (who should win an Emmy this September), will be welcoming her younger, gay brother to Chicago when he accepts a position as a visiting professor at a local college.

According to David Zucker, executive producer of the show:

We just like the idea of a brother who comes in like a breath of fresh air and from a different color than we’ve seen Alicia coming from a different environment and a different world. I wouldn’t say he was gay happenstance, but gay is part of his personality. But it’s not the leading part of his personality. We want people to be people first.

We’re playing him as … Alicia was kind of the older, responsible sister and he was more the freewheeling younger brother. It was always because she was the good girl that he was able to be the fun and slightly irresponsible younger brother. What’s great about that character is that it gives us access to Alicia’s backstory to find out a little more about her family, her parents and her upbringing. He’s five years younger than Alicia’s character.

The show also has another gay character in the form of private investigator Kalinda (played by also-soon-to-be-Emmy-winner Archie Panjabi) who has a thing for the ladies and the gentlemen.  Alan Cumming also plays a pivotal role in the series.

The Good Wife is known as a show that casts guest starring roles from the large pool of theater actors.  Margulies has been quoted as saying:

New York is our country’s national theater. And theater actors are struggling. You can’t pay your mortgage by doing theater. But we have the largest talent pool I’ve ever seen here to choose from.

So which lucky New York theater actor will snag the plum role…Daddycatcher hopes its an openly gay theater actor.  Our pick is Tony Award winner Levi Kreis (Million Dollar Quartet).  Any other suggestions!?!


One Response to “The Good (Gay) Wife”

  1. I hope you don’t mind, I shared your post with Levi. I totally agree I’d love to see him do more. I already love ‘the Good Wife’ and if he was in it, I’d love it that much more.

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