4th of July

While the rest of America celebrates the freedom that this country provides them, Daddycatcher will be somberly thinking of the inalienable rights that are constantly being denied to the LGBT community.  This country is only 234 years old, relatively young compared to other countries in Europe.  So it still has a lot to learn.  Is it possible that the Civil Rights Act was signed only 46 years ago – allowing African-Americans the right to vote and criminalizing segregation!?!

The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is long overdue.  The right to marry should be afforded to any two individuals, not limited to just between a man or woman.  Discrimination in the work place and anywhere else for that matter should be outlawed.

As these things move slowly through legislation, Daddycatcher will spend the 4th of July watching 1776 and wonder “Is Anybody There?”

The show also provides one of the best show tunes for a villain – the extremely conservative right.  “Cool Considerate Men” was cut out of the original film release upon complaint by President Richard Nixon, for the song allegedly drew many parallels between the opponents of American Independence in 1776 to the modern conservative right.  Despite his political leanings, Daddycatcher does think this is a pretty good song…


2 Responses to “4th of July”

  1. grosenberg Says:

    Anyone who watches 1776 on July 4th wins the Awsome award in my book!!!

    Very cool and spot on observations about the country not quite living up to its ideals

  2. Thanks for the facts… we do have a long way to go but the fight will continue on.

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