Beyonce Must Have Been Bored at the Tony’s!

The producers of the Tony Awards should give a big thank you to Sean Hayes!  It must be hard to captain a sinking ship!

Daddycatcher has never been so appalled by the televised production values of the ceremony this evening.  Sound glitches, missed lighting cues, and worst of all, identifying the wrong winner of an award. Daddycatcher is pretty sure the tech people were at rehearsal this morning.  He saw them there!

For those who watched the ceremony, this is Karine Plantadit:

And this is Katie Finneran, who won her second Tony Award this evening for Promises, Promises:

See the problem!?!

Other thoughts:

  • We now live in a world where we have to say “Tony Award winner Scarlett Johansson” and “Best Musical Memphis.”
  • Congratulations to Eddie Redmayne, Levi Kreis, Douglas Hodge, and Viola Davis on your performance wins!
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – While accepting your Tony (ugh!) please don’t remind us that you sleep with a movie star. Sexy thoughts do not materialize when Daddycatcher looks at Michael Douglas!
  • What exactly do Alfred Molina (Red) and Jan Maxwell (The Royal Family and Lend Me a Tenor) have to do to win a Tony!?!
  • Daddycatcher is convinced that Denzel Washington is a robot…and a douche!
  • Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that no one ran into a set piece this year!
  • You know it’s been a crappy season for musicals when the highlight of the show is unnecessary performances from Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele promoting Glee.
  • Surprising class acts of the evening: Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane presenting the Best Leading Actor and Actress in a Musical.  A category in which they were both overlooked for their performances in The Addams Family.  Radio City Music Hall did not freeze over!
  • No one should ever have the credit “Queen of Talent!!!!” Someone find that woman and deflate her ego!
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z must have been bored out of their minds!
  • Ricky Martin looks good…and he is going to be in a revival of Evita!!!!!

And in conclusion, Daddycatcher really loves the Tony Awards.  But it wouldn’t kill them to honor more members of the New York theatre community next year!

Oh, and Sean Hayes, great fuck you to Newsweek!


One Response to “Beyonce Must Have Been Bored at the Tony’s!”

  1. Wow – you totally called it, down to the “Queen of Talent” credit (I had to rewind bc I though I misunderstood). What the hell? I am so sick of everyone on B’way pretending they love their own but kissing only the asses of the mainstream famous. And FYI Tony voters, did you notice that Denzel & CZJ could give a crap? I’m surprised DW didn’t dress in jeans & a tee shirt like he did for all of his other awards ceremonies this season. Next time, send Jan Maxwell up there. She is brilliant, deserving and funny as shit!! She gets nominated almost every year but always loses out to some TV or movie star who flew in for two weeks to rack up a bunch of awards. BTW, that Lea Michele song was embarrassing! I know she’s trying to poise herself as the next funny girl/Babs, but she looked and sounded horrible.

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