Daddycatcher’s Hot 100 Picks

Voting for AfterElton’s Hot 100 ends tonight!  The website has been asking prominent gay figures – Cheyenne Jackson, John Amaechi, and Daddycatcher’s Oprah – to list their top 10 picks for the Hot 100 list.

Since they didn’t ask Daddycatcher, he is taking upon himself to give you his picks!

#10  Mark-Paul Gosselaar – He has sure grown up since Saved By The Bell and showed he could hold his own opposite the antics of Julie White and Justin Kirk in the off-Broadway play, The Understudy!

#9  Daniel Craig – Rough, rugged, and a great actor!

#8  Eric Dane – Tall, handsome, and yes, very McSteamy!

#7  James Marsden – Marsden embodied Daddycatcher’s favorite X-Man, Cyclops, and he can sing as well!

#6  Ricky Martin – Daddycatcher’s crush on the Latin superstar was validated when Martin came out of the closet a month ago.

#5  Anderson Cooper – Smart, snarky, dreamy, and looks great in a suit!

#4  Cheyenne Jackson – Dripping with sex, talent, and sweetness! A bonefide hunk!

#3  Luke Macfarlane – Adorable beyond words! An instantaneous crush!

# 2  Hugh Jackman – Daddycatcher’s Celebrity Husband makes it to number 2 only because he’s straight.  But Hugh has the distinction of actually making Daddycatcher weak at the knees.  While walking along 45th Street during The Boy from Oz Hugh passed Daddycatcher on the sidewalk.  Daddycatcher literally had to grab hold of his friend so he wouldn’t fall flat on the sidewalk.  It was a magical experience!

#1  Neil Patrick Harris – Daddycatcher’s Oprah is charming, attractive, witty, awesome, talented, and everyone loves him!  Seriously everyone!  NPH should be crowned King of All Gays!


3 Responses to “Daddycatcher’s Hot 100 Picks”

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