Now this is just mean!

A group of practical jokers outside of several locations in Manhattan were passing out fliers announcing the opening of famed West Coast burger eatery, In-N-Out Burger.

This is a really cruel April Fool’s joke!  Anyone who has ever tasted an In-N-Out burger knows how GOOD they are!!!  To play to our carnal need for an East Coast branch is heartless!!!!!

In order to right the wrongs that these April Fool’s jokers have committed against us, Daddycatcher wants everyone to know that you can take care of the In-N-Out urge here in our very own city.  A reasonable substitute is just a subway ride away.

Petey’s Burger is right off the N & W train in Astoria (30th Avenue stop) and cures the In-N-Out craving.  Even Time Out New York has praised it!!!  The double cheeseburgers are mouth-watering, the fries are freshly cut, and the shakes are a detriment to Daddycatcher’s waist line.  And just like In-N-Out, all ingredients are fresh and everything is made from scratch.  Anyone else hungry yet!?!


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