A Place Where Daddycatcher Can Hang His Hat

Daddycatcher is in the process of finding a new home in the New York area.  He has seen at least 6 studio / 1 bedroom apartments.  And they’ve been…okay…not great…definitely not realms worthy enough to be inhabited by Daddycatcher.

But there are some pretty nasty scams occurring on Craigslist. Daddycatcher has received many variations of the same email in response to an inquiry he has made about an apartment.

His favorite:


I’m so happy to hear from you.

My name is Sonny  Goodman i own the apartment located at( 1725 Burnett St, Brooklyn NY 11229. Neighborhood Marine Park).$700Par Month Utilities included. I inherited the property from my late parent who died in a ghastly accident Dc 1st 2007.Well to tell you about myself I’m 34yrs old my wife is 24yrs old both graduated we have a 8 month old baby. Me and my wife are working.

I was working as an engineer at jolly Madison hotel on 34th St.at the time i was working there i fell 6 stories working hes engineer in cause of it I”m paralyzed waist down in a wheelchair. Right now I’m in missionary school in West Africa with my wife and baby, now I need an occupant for the apartment ASAP… All l want is a responsible tenant (With good credit) that can take very good care of the apartment.

As you know I’m in a wheelchair now and the renting of my apartment is the only way I can assist my self and family.The keys of my apartment are with me here in West Africa so if you are willing to rent from me below is the rental Application fill it out and email it to me asap.

Once I get the information back from you I will make arrangement for the keys and documentation including an Authorization letter to be shipped to you Via FedEx to your full address when filling out the Application.

And of course, they send you an application asking for all of your pertinent financial information.  Daddycatcher hopes there aren’t people out there in the world who are stupid enough to fall for this.  Especially since all the typos are a dead give away!


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