Snow in Texas

What a weekend!  Daddycatcher went to Texas to visit his family for a few days and was surprised by the amount of snow that had fallen in just a short amount of time.  There was a foot of snow…in Texas!  According to the New York Times, this strange phenomena is called “global weirding.”

While in Texas Daddycatcher was thrown a small birthday party by his family, played in the snow for a few minutes, watched some pairs figure skating, visited the new Cowboys Stadium, bought some cheap DVD’s at Target and some used CD’s at Half Price Books.

He also took a friend from New York who is working in Texas for 6 weeks to the Fort Worth Stock Yards where we saw a real live cattle drive!  He saw some friends from high school he hadn’t seen in about 7 years.  And he took his mother to see Valentine’s Day.

All the while developing crushes on three new boys:  Topher Grace (romancing Anne Hathaway in Valentine’s Day), Evan Lysacek (romancing Daddycatcher and the Big Man in the Men’s Figure Skating Short Program at the Olympics) , and Hugh Dancy (romancing another boy off-Broadway in The Pride).

But Daddycatcher is glad to be back in New York where it is normal to have snow.


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