Daddycatcher is turning another year older!

February 5th marks the date of Daddycatcher’s birth.

And he is sitting in bed with a glass of wine watching the clock tick away the last remaining minutes of the previous year.

At 11:15pm, Daddycatcher thought of all the things he still has to do this weekend in preparation for the Benefit Gala Honoring Angela Lansbury on Monday the 8th…especially taking pictures of Cheyenne Jackson and David Elder in rehearsal.

At 11:16pm, he updated his Facebook status, counting down the minutes…

At 11:18pm, Daddycatcher pondered the different strategies he would take to make some serious changes to his life on this, his 10th year of living in New York City.

At 11:22pm, poured himself a glass of wine.  Because booze always helps when one is in a reflective mood.

At 11:28pm, contemplating auditioning for a series of one-act plays on Saturday. Which means he has absolutely no time to memorize a monologue.  Looks like it’s time to brush up that monologue he turns to in extreme emergencies: the opening Carl monologue from Lonely Planet. Which, incidentally, Daddycatcher would be brilliant in!  Someone work on that, STAT!

At 11:29pm, dude, seriously, Daddycatcher would hate having the life of an actor!

At 11:35pm, Daddycatcher drove some bids up on the Drama League auction website, but secretly he wants the dinner with Charles Busch and Julie Halston!  That would be hilarious!

At 11:40pm, got caught up in Fantasmic! (the Disneyland version) which came up on the iTunes shuffle.  Appropriate because in 2 years when the big 3-0 hits, Daddycatcher will spend it at Disneyland.

At 11:45pm, the Big Man calls!

At 11:55pm, Daddycatcher is convincing the Big Man to bid on the Charles Busch and Julie Halston dinner for his birthday! Can’t ya’ll see it – Daddycatcher, the Big Man, Charles Busch, and Julie Halston boozing it up! It would be the gayest dinner ever!

At 12:00am, Daddycatcher turns 28 and is serenaded by an off-key Big Man over the phone!  The snow storm better not fuck up Daddycatcher’s birthday!  Who cares, more wine!!!!


2 Responses to “Daddycatcher is turning another year older!”

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Daddycatcher Says:

    Thanks Rick!

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