NPH and Cheyenne In Their Underwear

Cheyenne Jackson was recently interviewed, for the bazillionth time (not that it’s a bad thing!), on  And the interviewer asked him about his most recent run in with Daddycatcher’s Oprah at the gym.

AfterElton: I know you ran into Neil Patrick Harris at the gym during AfterElton’s Big Gay Battle. Did he lobby you for his vote?
Cheyenne Jackson:
No, he did not lobby me. Well also we were standing in our underpants so you can’t, you kind of have to just keep the conversation to a “How’s the weather?” He had just gotten back from vacation with David. I said, “Can you believe how big this has gotten?” I think I brought it up. He said, “I know. Now it’s become like this UK versus America thing.”

But I just assured him that the perception is it’s all in fun, and any time we can be on top of John Barrowman, it’s good.

And a little John Barrowman, just for good measure!


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