Daddycatcher’s First Yoga Class

Continuing with the new trend of making changes to his life, Daddycatcher tried yoga for the first time tonight.  It was alternately horrific and exhilarating.

Daddycatcher, the Big Man, and Miss Destiny attended Yoga to the People, which is a suggested donation based yoga class.  It was packed!  We attended the Power Vinyasa Flow Class.  The best thing about the class was that it was full of beginners and experienced people.  The experienced folk were going through the flow with the Big Man and Daddycatcher before the tough-as-nails instructor started the class.

She was tough but incredibly helpful at the same time.  And Daddycatcher almost came close to quitting.  He got to a point where he really thought he was going to vomit.  But he pushed through.  2010 is supposed to be a year of change and new experiences.  He has been hitting the gym hard and yoga was the next step.

After an hour of downward facing dog, warrior pose, and chair pose, Daddycatcher, the Big Man, and Miss Destiny were shaking with exhaustion.  But in the end, getting through it was an amazing feeling.  There was no judgement in the class.  If you were not up to any of the particular exercises, you could return to child pose and join in when you were ready again.

Daddycatcher would like to work on his breathing more.  He realized that things seemed harder because he wasn’t breathing correctly.  If he focuses on the breath leaving and entering his body, he will find a stronger core and a greater capacity for intense concentration.

Looks like there will be another class for Daddycatcher next week!


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