Daddycatcher’s Long-Gone Haunts of the Aughts

Today has been a day of reflection…

One of Daddycatcher’s co-worker’s has put in her two weeks notice at work.  While no one was surprised, it made Daddycatcher think of all the changes that seem to be happening all around him.  Daddycatcher has been actively looking for a new job and career path.  The search for a new apartment begins next month.  And the constant reminder that he’s been in New York for ten years keep popping up everywhere!

This time it’s from Next Magazine, one of the faithful fag mags that keep New York homos in the know.  Every week, they print a map of Manhattan with locations for all the gay bars and clubs (still?).  However, this week they decided to print a map of all the clubs that have gone the way of the disc man in the past decade.

Daddycatcher fondly remembers:

219 Flamingo (219 Second Ave) – When Daddycatcher was a mere tyke, having just moved to the city he would frequent Pop Rocks!, the ultimate Thursday night 18-and-over gay nightspot.  Daddycatcher hates house music with its constant thumping and pounding.  Play him some Britney, Christina, Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, or Madonna and he is in heaven.  So many nights (the ones that he can remember) are burned into his memory.  None more so than when he went one night by himself because he had a crush on his hot roommate who was dating someone else.  While dancing he was being pushed around by some rather tall guys.  One of them looked down on him and said “you’ve got to see all of this” and promptly picked Daddycatcher up by his legs and hoisted him up above the crowd.  The entire dance floor cheered and Daddycatcher stretched out his arms in perfect gay pop princess fashion.

Saints (992 Amsterdam Ave) – Daddycatcher only went to Saints once and that was because a former boss of his was the bartender.   Both of them had a very strong flirtation happening.  Daddycatcher finally had the courage and the right amount of booze intake to finally make a move.  It was a good night!  Former boss still holds a very special place in Daddycatcher’s heart.  He took Daddycatcher under his wing and took care of him in the early years of Daddycatcher’s New York life. Former Boss is now the bar manager at Therapy.

Gaiety Theatre (201 W 46th St) – Daddycatcher loved walking on West 46th Street and commenting that New York’s premiere gay strip joint was nestled right between Howard Johnson’s and Beauty and the Beast at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.  Daddycatcher’s first visit was very weird.  Everyone was so quiet.  It was like they were ashamed to be in this very hole in the wall strip club.  The second time was for a boys sleepover.  Everyone arrived and took their place along the makeshift runway.  Daddycatcher started hooting and hollering at the strippers.  His friends were slightly embarrassed and told him to be quiet.  Daddycatcher yelled out, “We’re in a strip club!  We’re supposed to be rowdy!”  The strippers loved Daddycatcher and proceeded to perform for his group until the rest of the men in the club started hooting and hollering as well!

Xth Avenue Lounge (646 Tenth Avenue) – Xth Ave Lounge was the one bar you knew would always be chill.  The going away party for Daddycatcher’s best friend, the Poodle, was held here.  It is also where Daddycatcher told the Big Man that he was falling in love with him…and vice versa.

XL (357 W 16th St) – What situation to pick from this club…there was the time the composer of bare was hitting on Daddycatcher using the line, “I like boys who were glasses”…the time Daddycatcher almost hooked up with the Big Man’s friend Cesar, prior to the Big Man and Daddycatcher dating…the time Daddycatcher wore his skin-tight “I Love NY” t-shirt and made friends with a hot nurse named Dallas…hmmmmmm…nope, it has to be the time that he seduced a straight boy into hooking up with him!  The straight boy was the ex-boyfriend of his best friend Shannon at the time.  Yup, that was a good memory.


One Response to “Daddycatcher’s Long-Gone Haunts of the Aughts”

  1. Loved this trip of yours down memory lane!

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