Stupid Things Daddycatcher Won’t Do Again

A lesson to anyone who ends up working with some really awesome actors that are famous…

If awesome actors say “We’re heading to [NAME OF BAR] in case anyone else is going.  We’ll see you there.”  GO!!!!!!

Your boyfriend will understand, nay, encourage you to go!

Daddycatcher could be hanging out with Mark-Paul and Justin tonight.  But he said “No, I have to head home.”  And he did, because he has the keys and the Big Man wouldn’t be able to get inside the apartment.  When the Big Man asked him if he wanted to go, Daddycatcher said “No, I should go home.”

WHAT THE F&@$!?!  Is Daddycatcher just plain crazy!?!

And now Daddycatcher is thinking of all the fun scenarios that would have come out of going to [NAME OF BAR].  And many of them include Daddycatcher inviting Mark-Paul and Justin to 1/2 price margarita night to show off to his friends.

Let’s be honest, they also include Daddycatcher licking Mark-Paul’s biceps!


One Response to “Stupid Things Daddycatcher Won’t Do Again”

  1. You are SO RIGHT! I had a similar opportunity many many years ago and opted not to go for a very similar reason. The next day the company was forever divided into “Those who went” and “Those who didn’t”. The celebrity invited a few of their friends and it turned into a wild night with Joni Mitchell & Tom Waits jamming, Jack Nicholson sharing special treats, Bud Cort and Carol Kane being their wacky selves… well it goes on and is still painful to think about.

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