Idina Menzel as Rachel Berry’s Mom on GLEE

Daddycatcher is beginning the campaign for Idina Menzel (aka Mrs. Taye Diggs) to be cast as Lea Michele’s biological mother on the hit FOX show, Glee.

The resemblances are eerie.

Imagine the duet – they could totally sing “Tell Him;” the infamous Barbra Streisand – Celine Dion duet of unrequited love.


Idina Menzel



4 Responses to “Idina Menzel as Rachel Berry’s Mom on GLEE”

  1. […] Up the Cause… According to People, Taye Diggs is jumping on the Daddycatcher bandwagon to have his wife, Idina Menzel, guest star as Rachel Berry’s biological mother on […]

  2. I am thinking that all of your campiegning is finally about to be rewarded. This week Rachel discovers a tape of her mother singing, and then there is a duet to “I Dreamed A Dream” featuring Lea and Idina. It sounds very mother-daughter, and so does their upcoming duet of her royal self, Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. I am in love with both these songs, as a matter of fact, and I practically scream with joy at the theory of an Idina Menzel-Leah Michelle mother-daughter relationship. SO MANY HYPHENATED WORDS! SO LITTLE TIME! We will find out Tuesday.

    P.S.: “I Dreamed A Dream” is also from Le Miz in which Lea appeared, and also her audition song for the actual Glee show was “On My Own” from Le Miz, which the writers also made her New Directions audition song. I love television-to-reality irony.

  3. I Think That Rachel’s Mom Is Lea Michelle’s Real Mom and They Look Alike.

  4. Gleefan Says:

    They do look alike. I seen a interview that Lea did and even she said that her and Idina look alike. I think that I shared my opion here.

    @josh They have done Le Mis songs at the beging of the show. Lea sang On My Own for her audion and in the pilot episode. Also they did songs from Promises Promises which was kinda cool.

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