Twisted Disney Princesses

Daddycatcher and the Big Man are 28 days away from Disney World!!! That’s less than a month, folks!

A couple of days ago, Daddycatcher posted a link to some sexed-up drawings of the Disney Princes and Heroes that caught his attention.  Well, now Film Experience Blog has just found a gallery of Twisted Disney Princesses.  

Daddycatcher would normally take offense to the warped images of both the male and female Disney characters, but he finds them to be incredibly cool and well-drawn.

Here’s Daddycatcher’s two favorite Twisted Princess drawings:



But Daddycatcher knows that we all like to think of our prince & princesses like this:


2 Responses to “Twisted Disney Princesses”

  1. Oh my golly gosh, I love the Alice in Wonderland picture!!! Though she was never a princess. She became a queen in the second book, but I don’t think it’s the same thing. Anyway! Regardless of specifics, I love the picture!

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