Gym: 4 days; Disney: 37 Days

Daddycatcher has been to the gym for the past 4 days.  He’s gotten up early every morning and put in a good workout each day.  He’s been eating good and drinking tons of water!

Oh, at the risk of coming off pervy,  has anyone seen these sex-ed up pictures of Aladdin, Hercules, and other Disney princes and heroes…someone has a lot of time on their hands!!!

Either way, Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty is definitely a gym inspiration.  He’s always been Daddycatcher’s favorite Disney prince.



And as portrayed by David Beckham…well, it’s just too much for Daddycatcher.



One Response to “Gym: 4 days; Disney: 37 Days”

  1. […] couple of days ago, Daddycatcher posted a link to some sexed-up drawings of the Disney Princes and Heroes that caught his attention.  Well, now Film Experience Blog has just found a gallery of Twisted […]

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