A Step Backwards…

Daddycatcher has a confession…

From the moment he had his finger “operated” on, he had stopped going to the gym completely. And while he should have watched what he was eating, he reverted back to his old eating and drinking habits.

In what was supposed to be a real-life goal come true, Daddycatcher dropped the ball and those 5 lbs. that he had lost were packed right back on.

Daddycatcher spent the day at the beach yesterday and was not at all happy with how he looked.

It really is a shame.   I (yes, first person) sincerely apologize to all of you who have been reading my updates,  my co-workers,  and friends.  I am also apologizing to myself for not having the strength to continue under stress.

But I am not giving up! Daddycatcher has 40 days until Orlando and he will look good for the Orlando pool! He will also look good, eat good, and exercise even harder because this is something that Daddycatcher really wants!!!

Thank you all for your support and Daddycatcher is getting back on the saddle!!!


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