Chima, the quitter of Big Brother 11

Chima reminds Daddycatcher of an old roommate of his who pouted and bitched every time she did not get her way.

And so it goes, that when Daddycatcher’s gay-slurring crush Jeff used his coup d’etat powers to replace Chima’s nominees and Jessie (one of Chima’s allies) got evicted, Chima was none too pleased.

Michelle won HOH and put up Chima and Natalie.  Last night on Big Brother After Dark, Chima flipped off the cameras when production told her to put on her mic.  After that, she was basically not seen again.  Apparently, she threw her mic in the hot tub, raised a stink when production told her that she would have to pay for it, and then quit. says that she has been booted from the house.

Daddycatcher’s favorite Big Brother update blog, Big Brother 11 Blog…because you’re addicted, has all the scoop!

All Daddycatcher can say is good riddance!  Chima walked around the house like it was a privilege to have her in there.  Puh-leeze! She was an entitled, obnoxious, and pretentious contestant. And she was in the same house as Jessie!

For those who only watched the CBS broadcasts, what you missed on the live feeds were her constant attacks on Russell (who Daddycatcher doesn’t particualry care for either) and his Lebanese heritage.  She constantly referred to him as a “terrorist.”  She also stole his rosary and mocked his Catholic religion.  This is coming from the woman who claimed on the first live eviction that her fellow housemate, Brendan, was a racist.  Her hypocrisy knew no bounds. 


It is true that she has had some rough issues in her life and that is unfortunate.  However, she will not be missed and Daddycatcher is glad that she will be no longer be on the show.


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