The Trouble with Contini…

Bloggers and chat rooms have taken to the internet with their thoughts about a test screening of the upcoming movie musical (and Daddycatcher’s favorite musical) Nine.


Let start with the negative, shall we!

janiston30 at the IMDb board says:

No Nine, Belles of St. Sebastian, Simple, Grand Canal, Be On Your Own, or Lady of the Spa. Kate Hudson’s character Stephanie has a song, which didn’t jive with the musical AT ALL. Louisa has an extra song in place of Be On Your Own, but it is not at all the same. Overall, very different, but it still works very well on film.

BenTrendster on All That Chat:

The pace of the movie is very slow and the film feels very heavy. There is really no joy in this movie. Where the film versions of Chicago and Sweeney Todd succeed, this movie fails. The movie takes way too long to get to the first song and there are long sequences with no music throughout the film.

dark-pigeon on the IMDb board:

The dance scenes were rather spectacular…but sometimes tediously long and tiring and just didn’t seem to end and at sometimes overdone.

Judi Dench & Daniel

But wait, there is some positive stuff coming out as well!

granda1313 from the IMDb board:

Cottiliard and Cruz stood out among the women, of course they had the biggest parts. Both sang very well and “Call from the Vatican” and “My Husband Makes Movies” are two of the best numbers in the film. The best number however is “Be Italian” which Fergie absolutely nails.

amona_abdalla91 from a Nicole Kidman website:

Wow! What a fantastic and exciting movie. Can’t say enough good things about the performances, the music, the dancing, everything…I can definitely see this movie being nominated for an Oscar. I don’t know if the song that Fergie sings, “Be Italian” is an original or if it was in the Broadway show, but if it was written for the movie then I would say it’s a definite as well for best song.

BenTrendster on All That Chat:

The performances are fun to watch. Many big names in the cast and although they are not all the strongest singers, they range from adequate to excellent in both their singing and acting…I really enjoyed Marion Cotillard’s performance as Luisa Contini. She gives the most believable performance, adds strong dramatic interpretations to her songs, and has a nice singing voice.

Kate Hudson

Anticipation is building for the November 25, 2009 release.


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