Daddycatcher wants his Disney Character Breakfast!

Those pesky brats!

Daddycatcher and the Big Man’s itinerary for their big Disney World trip is coming together.

However, we seem to have hit a snag in the process when Daddycatcher tried to make a reservation at The Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom for the Winnie the Pooh themed Character Breakfast. Every reservation slot was booked!  All week!! And so are all the other character breakfast options!!!

No dice.  Guess people with children were having the same idea.  You would think booking 60 days in advance would be enough time!!!

Winnie the Pooh

Crystal Palace

However, it does look like we’ll be able to get into Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Show at the Polynesian Resort.  This is kind of a big deal for the Big Man because he wanted to stay at this resort for the trip.


Unfortunately, we’re staying off property.  Fortunately, it is through Daddycatcher’s parents timeshare, so it cost us close to nothing and the actual resort we are staying at is gorgeous and right next to Disney World.


One Response to “Daddycatcher wants his Disney Character Breakfast!”

  1. […] Today the flight was officially booked and the reservation was made at Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Show at the Polynesian Resort.  Daddycatcher is still trying to make a reservation for his character breakfast at the Crystal Palace. […]

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