Gods of Theatre

Daddycatcher spent the afternoon at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre where he laughed out loud at Yasmina Reza‘s Tony-winning play, God of Carnage.

After what has been a pretty awful week in regards to work, Art, and working out it was such a relief to spend time in a theatre and enjoy a great play.

While we may have hit a snag in securing the rights to Art; due, no doubt, in large part to God of Carnage currently playing in New York since they were both written by Reza.  Daddycatcher feels even more strongly that Art will happen and that he and his colleagues will be able to continue mining the characters that we have grown quite fond of.

In addition, the spurt of creativity and initiative that we seem to be taking in creating our own ensemble is exhilirating.  Daddycatcher has delved into reading new plays and research into writing his own plays.  This is truly what drives him.

Daddycatcher had drinks with a two good friends during the course of this week who he doesn’t see nearly enough.  In both conversations, the topic of working in the theatre came up.  Is there a career that leaves people feeling more unhappy than the theater?  When you are high, it’s unbelievable.  But when you are low, hello Alcoholics Anonymous.

Daddycatcher and his friends agreed that people need to relocate that desire that made them choose to work in the theatre.  Show business is tough whether you are an actor, writer, director or work behind the scenes, front of house, or box office.

Daddycatcher has chosen to keep pushing forward.  This week he didn’t put in the best workouts that he could because he decided to sleep in that extra half hour to escape having to start the day again.  Instead of expressing feelings, he decided that third margarita on Monday would be better.  These were bad decisions born out of feeling discontent.

God of Carnage inspired Daddycatcher to keep striving to be the best person he can be in the theatre. And tomorrow he will be seeing the full trilogy of The Norman Conquests.  And then he will plan out his to-do list at work, his workouts, and his diet.



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