Inspiration by Jesse Brune

Daddycatcher was up again at the crack of dawn today and headed to the gym.  It was a back and biceps day, which was really exciting!  The Big Man has huge arms and Daddycatcher digs big arms.  So, while he doesn’t want to look disproportionate, he is giving special attentions to his biceps and triceps.

While at the gym, Daddycatcher wondered if Bravo’s Work Out will ever be returning for a fourth season?

And what of Jesse Brune, Daddycatcher’s favorite Work Out trainer?

Jesse Brune

Well, Daddycather googled Jesse and came upon his blog:

Well, it was fate that Daddycatcher stumbled upon Jesse’s blog during this work out program.  Daddycatcher has become even more inspired to continue on his path for better health.

Make your first goal to simply to create a goal!  When you accomplish your first fete… the next one will present itself… and then the next… and then the next… as long as your intention is set on creating happiness in all you do… well shit Honey, you can’t lose.

Goals, people!  Start with goals!


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