Blackberry Anonymous

The New York Times has an interesting article on how Blackberrys have infiltrated the work space.

Employers weigh in heavily about their annoyance with employees using Blackberrys and iPhones during meetings.

As Daddycatcher read this, he could hear the disapproving voice of his boss saying…

“Put down the Blackberry and watch where you are going!”

“My eyes are up here not in your palm.”

“You never see [Daddycatcher] without booze or the Blackberry in his hand.”

Yes, the Blackberry is addicting. But there are so many things you can do with it. Brickbreaker. Scheduling. Work e-mail. Personal e-mail. Read Perez. Surf the net. Play music. Talk to other people via Blackberry Messenger.

Cynthia Nixon was able to multi-task life and her Blackberry when Daddycatcher worked on a show with her. She is able to maneuver through life with grace and intelligence.

CN black
Daddycatcher strives to be as proficient at Blackberry juggling as Ms. Nixon.

Or he could just listen to his boss and put it down every once in a while.

At least Daddycatcher turns it off at the theatre. He isn’t that addicted!


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