Daddycatcher’s Date with His City

Although it may not seem like it outside, Daddycatcher has been taking advantage of his Summer Fridays.

After lounging about the apartment yesterday watching Chess in Concert (plus a workout at the gym), Daddycatcher decided to hit the town.

He met up with his old roommate and went Pride t-shirt shopping in Chelsea. He came up empty-handed! Although he may go back and get the following t-shirt:

Ajaax t-shirt

Could this shirt be anymore blatant!?!

Daddycatcher then hit up happy hour at GYM, where he saw at least three or four worthy catches. The pre-Pride celebration was in full force!

After a few drinks, Daddycatcher could have gone home and saved some money. But the city was still calling, so he took himself over to the Ambassador Theatre and bought himself a ticket to Chicago starring Chandra Wilson (Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy).

And she was great! But the show was stolen by Jason Patrick Sands’ pecs!!! OH! DEAR! GOD!

Jason Patrick

Daddycatcher was ready to charge the stage!!!

And since he wasn’t able to charge the stage and mount the manly specimen, he decided that he would head up to the Upper East Side to his favorite margarita place. First round on Bernardo the bartender! It’s nice being a regular.

And while feasting on strawberry margaritas and hot wings, Daddycatcher begun writing again. It’s amazing what can happen when one becomes completely relaxed and in tune with the city.


The city will always provide inspiration as long as you pay attention to its call.


One Response to “Daddycatcher’s Date with His City”

  1. Christopher (another one) Says:

    What did you think of ‘Chess in Concert’? So much great music in one show. I thought it was beautifully done. Why can’t anyone mount a successful production like this? Certainly costs would preculde a full orchestra and choir but would a smaller production necessarily be less incredible?

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