No Obama, No $$$

So Daddycatcher received an email from the Democratic National Committee asking for donations for health care reform.

It was addressed from President Barack Obama.

Daddycatcher was a little insulted to receive such an email after the Department of Justice brief that was released upholding the Defense of Marriage Act.

Maybe he should’ve just taken it in stride, but not when LGBT folk are publicly denounced in such a way.

So, no, Daddycatcher did not donate $$$.  He did respond with the following email:

I find it pretty insulting, that after the Department of Justice brief was issued in response to Defense of Marriage Act, that I am now being asked for money.

I am in favor of this president. But until I feel that he is in favor of the LGBT people who supported and donated to his presidential campaign, then I will donate some of my hard-earned money.

Daddycatcher hopes that he didn’t sound incredibly stupid.  He may not be well-versed in politics but he knows that what this President is doing to LGBT people is not cool, at all!


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