No matter how hard one works, there are always others that are there to tell you that it’s just not good enough.

Daddycatcher is now a Marxist!

From Wikipedia:

Marxism holds that class struggle is the central element of all social change. In the present form of society, capitalism, the two main classes are the capitalists (or bourgeoisie), who own the means of producing the necessities of life; and the workers (or proletariat) who do not own those means of production and therefore must work for the capitalists in order to survive. Marxism holds that such a system is exploitive as well as, in the final analysis, economically irrational.

Never has he been so enraged by a group of “capitalists” that he has worked so closely with.  In the end, the “proletariats” will prevail.  And it’ll be all over their crushed spirits that we will march triumphantly!

Angry, much!?! Where’s Daddycatcher’s drink!?!


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