GLEE may be the way to go!

A plethora of Broadway stars are headed for the Glee club!

FOX’s new TV show, Glee, has booked some solid Broadway talent to tell the story of the worst glee club in the country.

Per the show’s website:

From Ryan Murphy, the creator of “Nip/Tuck” and “Popular,” comes GLEE, a one-hour musical comedy that follows an optimistic high school teacher as he tries to transform the Glee Club and inspire a group of ragtag performers to make it to the biggest competition of all: Nationals.

Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison, Broadway’s “Hairspray”), a young optimistic teacher, has offered to take on the Herculean task of restoring McKinley’s Glee Club to its former glory. Driven by his secret past, Will is determined to do whatever it takes to make Glee great again, even though everyone around him thinks he’s nuts. He’s out to prove them all wrong.

In addition to Matthew Morrison, the show also stars Spring Awakening‘s Lea Michele as a perfectionist student.  Morrison’s parents will be played by Tony Award nominee Victor Garber and Tony Award winner Debra Monk.

Not to mention Tony Award winner and Emmy nominee Kristin Chenoweth in a super secret role.




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