Hugh Jackman rides the subway!!!

Daddycatcher’s Celebrity Husband, Hugh Jackman, takes the subway!!!

We know he lives at 176 Perry and now we know that he takes the subway!!!


But other than that, Jackman insists, they’re just like us. “We do the subway, you know, we’re New Yorkers,” he said. “It’s quicker. Everyone knows that.” Maybe it’s the Wolverine-ish beard he’s sporting these days, but Jackman claims that people don’t bother him too much. “New Yorkers are very cool,” he says. “Sometimes it can get a little problematic with tourists, but New Yorkers themselves, they’re kind of like Australians, they’ll tell you what they think of your latest movie, good or bad, and then move right along, you know?”

And in related news: Hugh Jackman Wears His Movie Costumes While Having Sex!

Daddycatcher now knows what he’ll make Hugh wear during sex! Hugh better have kept all his Australia cowboy costumes.



One Response to “Hugh Jackman rides the subway!!!”

  1. Fatsal khan Says:

    i like you very much X-men, Van helsing & other movie.

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