MILK and Frank Rich

Daddycatcher saw MILK last night with the Big Man…and loved it!!!

It was such a powerful movie detailing the turbulent political climate of the 1970’s for gay rights. The movie resonated even more after the passing of Proposition 8 last month in California.

Daddycatcher recommends that everyone go see MILK.

He also recommends reading Frank Rich’s op-ed piece, “You’re Nice Enough, Gay People,” in the New York Times.

“When Obama defends Warren’s words by calling them an example of the “wide range of viewpoints” in a “diverse and noisy and opinionated” America, he is being too cute by half. He knows full well that a “viewpoint” defaming any minority group by linking it to sexual crimes like pedophilia is unacceptable.
It is even more toxic in a year when that group has been marginalized and stripped of its rights by ballot initiatives fomenting precisely such fears. “You’ve got to give them hope” was the refrain of the pioneering 1970s gay politician Harvey Milk, so stunningly brought back to life by Sean Penn on screen this winter. Milk reminds us that hope has to mean action, not just words.”

In the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw from Daddycatcher’s favorite episode of Sex and the City: “I respect Frank Rich. Frank Rich is a writer.”


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