Happy New Year! So Long 2008!!

Wow, 2008 is coming to a close and Daddycatcher reflects on the events of the past year that caught his attention:

10.) Release of first picture still from NINE


Daddycatcher cannot wait for the premiere of this movie. It is his favorite musical of all time! And this photo makes him salivate with anticipation…

9.) Heath Ledger’s Death

Shocking. Senseless. Those were the first two thoughts that entered Daddycatcher’s mind when he read the breaking news item on the New York Times website. Heath’s accidental death would linger all through 2008. His amazing portrayal of the homicidal Joker in The Dark Knight practically overshadowed the film itself. 2009 will probably yield a posthumous Oscar nomination for Heath.

Also lost to us in 2008: Estelle Getty, Eartha Kitt, and the eternally handsome Paul Newman.

8.) Proposition 8 passes in California

In a year when America elects its first black president, the civil rights movement is dealt a severe blow when California passes Proposition 8. Proposition 8 amends the Constitution to restrict marriage to a union between a man and woman. 18,000 gay couples who had been able to marry since May were left not knowing whether their marriages were valid.

Out of the aftermath, thousands of gay men and women rallied all over the country to show their opposition to the ban. Keith Olbermann gave an impassioned speech about equality. Protests were held against the Mormon Church, who bankrolled the movement to ban gay marriage. People lost their jobs when voicing their position on either side of the issue. And a dandy little viral musical came out of it.

7.) The Year of Neil Patrick Harris

NPH was everywhere this year! The OUT Magazine cover boy popped up in Old Spice commercials, hosted the Creative Emmy Awards, and in the above mentioned Proposition 8 musical. But it was his continued success on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother and the hilarious Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog that catapulted him as the go-to funny guy. It is refreshing to see a well-adjusted and popular gay man gaining so much positive national attention.

6.) Sarah Palin

After the high that was Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, came the staggering and astonishing blow – Sarah Palin will run as John McCain‘s Vice-Presidential Nominee. WHO!?! But two months of Palin proved to be too much for the country! We do have two things to be thankful to her for: Tina Fey as Palin on SNL and Levi Johnston!!! tina-fey1

5.) New Kids on the Block Reunite and validate Daddycatcher’s Childhood

Now that they’ve gotten older, they are ripe for Daddycatcher’s pickin’. Daddycatcher attended both of their New York area shows and was astounded by how good their concert actually was. The Block, the first album in 15 years, has been playing nonstop on the iPod. Their sold out tour is proving that the guys still have the right stuff.

4.) The 74th Annual Drama League Awards

Not wanting to give up too much of Daddycatcher’s anonymity…but for those in the know, this annual awards was the highlight of Daddycatcher’s year. So much work and uncertainty, but a job well done.

3.) August: Osage County on Broadway

Talk about a family you wouldn’t want to have over for dinner. Matriarch Violet Weston would eat your head off…after she’s downed a bottle of pills as an appetizer. Yet, Tracy Lett’s 3 ½ hour family melodrama keeps audiences enthralled and engaged. Deanna Dunnagan and Rondi Reed give Tony-winning performances as Violet and Mattie Fae, respectively. The play won every award imaginable including the Tony and the Pulitzer. It opened in London last month and a movie version is in the works.

2.) Barack Obama elected 44th President of the United States

2008 began with a long and bitter Democratic primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. However, when all was said and done, Obama would lead the Democrats to victory as the first black president of the United States. Sure, his pick of Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration leaves many cold. All eyes will definitely be on Obama as he begins his historic presidency.

1.) The start of Daddycatcher’s Realm

Daddycatcher had wanted to write his own blog for years. He always relented. Thanks must go out to his Fairy GayFather over at Modern Fabulosity for christening him “Daddycatcher” and for encouraging him to start up. Daddycatcher pledges to the House of ModFab!!!

Here’s hoping all you continue reading Daddycatcher’s Realm in 2009.


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