Daddycatcher’s CATCH OF THE DAY (Christmas Edition): Dermot Mulroney, Andrew Lincoln, and Hugh Grant

Daddycatcher’s favorite contemporary Christmas movies are The Family Stone and Love Actually.  This special edition of Daddycatcher’s CATCH OF THE DAY will include the three actors who make Daddycatcher swoon with each viewing.


Everett Stone (Dermot Mulroney) from The Family Stone brings his girlfriend (Sarah Jessica Parker) home for the holidays, much to the dismay of his entire family.  Over the course of the holidays, the tightly wound Everett becomes a much more relaxed individual who opens himself up to the possibilty of love and heartache.


Mark (Andrew Lincoln) from Love Actually pines for his best friend’s new wife, Juliet.  In the highlight of his story line, Mark visits Juliet on Christmas Eve and tells her that he is in love with her…using cue cards.


David, The Prime Minister of the UK (Hugh Grant) from Love Actually finds that he is attracted to his catering manager, Natalie.  When the President of the United States (Billy Bob Thornton) makes a pass on Natalie, the Prime Minister shocks the President by chastising him in the middle of a press conference and warns him that the UK will not be bullied by the United States.  Also, Hugh Grant dancing to the Pointer Sisters is so adorable!!!


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