Gabriel Macht is THE SPIRIT

Daddycatcher was told that within two months of writing this blog that he would pretty much just want to post nothing but half naked daddy catches.

He’s been trying really hard to keep a good mix of news and nudes, but it’s really hard when he’s presented with such an amount of masculine beauty.

Case in point, Gabriel Macht and the trailer for The Spirit.


Did you catch those fleeting glimpses of a built up Macht!?!

52 seconds into the trailer…


1 minute and 50 seconds into the trailer…


Daddycatcher has had a crush on Gabriel Macht since he played Barkley, The Modelizer, on the second episode of Sex and the City.

Christmas Day just got a little brighter and a little sexier!


One Response to “Gabriel Macht is THE SPIRIT”

  1. dangeroussidekick Says:

    You gotta get out of my mind … Gabriel is all set to be an upcoming Wednesday WHT … with a great pic I found of him shirtless in front of a green screen

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