As Modern Fabulosity points out, Baz Luhrmann films don’t usually get good reviews from critics.  You have to watch them more than once to see the beauty of a Luhrmann film.  Daddycatcher does not need to see AUSTRALIA twice to know that he loved it.  The majestic beauty of the continent is captured so vividly by Luhrmann and his wife, Catherine Martin.


Nicole Kidman does exquisite work.  A lesser actress would have never been able to bring a sense of consistency to a role that demands her to be funny, somber, melodramatic, and vulnerable.

Hugh Jackman, Hugh Jackman, Hugh Jackman!!!  So incredibly sexy, so incredibly heartbreaking, so incredibly good! Daddycatcher can’t imagine that, at one point, Russell Crowe was sought after for this role.

Daddycather recommends you put three hours of your life aside and visit AUSTRALIA!


One Response to “Go see AUSTRALIA…”

  1. princess k Says:

    agreed. Totally 100% agreed. I’m tempted to see it again.

    BZ does not apologize for his blatant romanticism, and I for one find that refreshing in the cynical days we live inhabit. =)

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