I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Daddycatcher and the Big Man are big fans of Survivor. (Is there anyone else out there that hates Corinne as much as Daddycatcher does!?!)  Daddycatcher never used to watch Survivor or any other reality show that didn’t have a celebrity component.  Frankly, “real” people bore Daddycatcher.

But when he realized that Survivor has cute boys in nothing but underwear, he was hooked.  Now comes word that the UK has been filming a show that takes the Survivor element with a celebrity twist.  And it’s been running for years!!!


Daddycatcher only took notice because there are three openly gay “celebrity” contestants on the show.

Star Trek‘s George Takei (who has never met a “celebrity” reality show he didn’t like) and Wimbledon Champ Martina Navratilova (Immortal Line from Will & Grace: “But Karen I was straight before I met you.”)


But Daddycatcher is intrigued by Brian Paddick, former London mayoral candidate and police chief. The 50 year old gay hottie has been streaking like crazy in the Australian outback. He’s also been getting ointment rubdowns from George Takei.  Hope Takei’s husband isn’t too jealous!?!


bum1 rubdown1



2 Responses to “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”

  1. Yeah, “I’m a Celebrity…” had already been on for a couple of seasons when I moved to the UK in 2002. Funny enough, that was when I also found out about Brian Paddick. To think that six years later the two worlds would be colliding and he’d be getting naked on TV… I mean, I didn’t even expect him to run for Mayor of London! LOL

  2. wawwh! this pictures are amazing, i do like seeing everyday.

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