IKEA Stands Against Bigotry

Polish Catholics are boycotting IKEA for ads such as these in their catalogues.


It is unfathomable to Daddycatcher how people can be so simple-minded and cruel.  Conservative and religious groups are really laying it on thick about “traditional families.”  By all accounts, Daddycatcher’s family would be considered “traditional.”  We had one mother and one father.  According to groups such as the American Family Association, Daddycatcher should have turned out a well-rounded, women-loving heterosexual.  But he didn’t and neither did another sibling.

No amount of Catholic homilies, queer-baiting, or constant promotion of heterosexual relationships kept him from coming to the realization that he is a homosexual.  Homosexuality is not a product of your environment.  You don’t learn it.  You are it.

Daddycatcher pity’s the homosexual men or women that are brainwashed with fear and do not realize their true selves.  They are the endangered people in this fight for gay rights.  How many people are afraid of coming out to themselves, their friends, or the families because they are surrounded by hate-speaking simpletons!?!

Thank you IKEA for not backing down in your depiction of the evolution of the American family.



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