The Hunt is on for Hugh Jackman

New York Magazine is reporting that Hugh Jackman has moved to the Richard Meier towers on Perry Street in New York City.


Rest assured, we are preparing for this biggest daddy catch of them all!!!

And speaking of Daddycatcher’s celebrity husband, seems that Hugh is interested in appearing in a proposed musical of the life of Harry Houdini.  BroadwayWorld is reporting that Danny Elfman (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and David Yazbeck (Broadway’s The Full Monty and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) are writing the music and lyrics for HOUDINI; which has a book by Kurt Anderson and is to be directed by Jack O’Brien (Tony Award winning director of The Coast of Utopia, Henry IV, and Hairspray ).


jackm1 harry-houdini1

Today is November 26th, which means that Hugh’s little movie, Australia, opens today.  Daddycatcher has his tickets and is dragging the Big Man to see it with him.


Daddycatcher is off to Perry Street…the hunt commences…


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