Falling like Flies!

Network execs are swiftly cleaning house as dwindling ratings cripple several TV shows.

Last week, NBC revealed that they are cancelling the Christian Slater vehicle My Own Worst Enemy and Lipstick Jungle. Daddycatcher enjoys the ladies of Lipstick Jungle but knew that this announcement wasn’t too far off since NBC moved the show to the Friday night wasteland.


And now Daddycatcher is thrown for another loop. Yesterday, ABC announced that it is cancelling Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, and Dirty Sexy Money. Daddycatcher never watched Eli Stone, stopped watching Pushing Daisies after the 3rd episode of this season, but LOVES Dirty Sexy Money.


Daddycatcher’s prime-time soaps are disappearing! Although, things are looking up as a trailer for ABC’s new re-vamp of the show Cupid has appeared online. Daddycatcher enjoys Bobby Cannavale. He’s played such wonderful characters – Will’s boyfriend Vince on Will & Grace, Bobby on Third Watch, Funky Spunk Guy on Sex and the City. But Daddycatcher does not like Sarah Paulson. He’s worked with her before…and that’s all he’s sayin’.


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