Now this is a show!!!

Broadway…Scary Spice…Half-Naked Bodies in Motion…Jerry Mitchell…Las Vegas…and the 1st Winner of Dancing with the Stars…all wrapped together in a show…Christmas has come early for the Daddycatcher!!!

Playbill just announced that Jerry Mitchell will be directing and choreographing a whole new show at the Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort in Las Vegas.  PEEPSHOW will star Mel B. aka “Scary Spice” as the leading lady “THE PEEP DIVA” and Kelly Monaco as “BO PEEP.”


Daddycatcher is seriously beside himself right now..go to the website LasVegasPeepShow if you don’t believe it.

As a fan of Dancing with the Stars (and the Spice Girls) having two headliners like Mel B. and Kelly Monaco is enough for the Daddycatcher to want to buy a plane tickets out to Sin City. And one should not underestimate the talent and might of the sexy Jerry Mitchell.  He turned BROADWAY BARES! into an annual NYC must-see.  And with his considerable talent and vision, PEEPSHOW could become a hit.  It’s a modern burlesque show that will have a rotating celebrity cast playing limited engagements.

Daddycatcher knows that if he is in Vegas, he’ll be there.  Especially with a press release description like this:

PEEPSHOW, a story told through dance and contemporary popular music, featuring our heroine Bo, a modern woman but one who has yet to find her own power and sexuality.

As the show begins we meet “Bo” with a short black and white film. Weary and defeated she falls asleep reading a book. When we zoom in on the book we discover she has fallen asleep reading a beautifully illustrated book of rhymes and fairy tales. And suddenly she tumbles onto the stage entering the colorful world of PEEPSHOW.

Bo is whisked away by the Diva on a swift journey of awakening and self-discovery during which she’s inspired through sensual awareness and blossoms into a sexy, daring, provocative and more confident woman. The production numbers that link the story together are derived from popular fairy tales all told with a naughty twist.


And because, there can never be too many shirtless pictures of Jerry Mitchell:




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