What!?! Doesn’t Musical Theatre and Homosexuality Go Hand in Hand?

Daddycatcher has to honestly believe that people out in California, or in the rest of the country, who oppose gay marriage, aren’t all bad people. Sure, they may be denying us equal rights and protection but they don’t hate us, right!?!

The revelation that Scott Eckern, artistic director of California Musical Theatre in Sacramento, donated $1,000 to the “Yes on Proposition 8” campaign has got Daddycatcher all riled up. But he is taking a page from the esteemed Jeff Whitty and will not get all vindictive on his ass.

However, Daddycatcher does find this situation confusing? How can a man who works hand-in-hand with many homosexual actors, directors, designers, writers, composers, and stage technicians fork over dough to deny them the equal rights that he has enjoyed (and most likely, taken for granted)?

These people have directly impacted the success that Eckern and his theatre have enjoyed. Daddycatcher can assume that he is not a bad man, but his decision came down to belief. Allowing gay marriages are an attack on his belief system. When did it become about you, Mr. Eckern!?! Letting Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi get married is not putting a gun to your belief’s head!! They just want to have their love recognized the way yours is. And in the process, be able to have access to the thousands of rights that you are entitled to because you are able to get married.

Gays and Lesbians are not fighting to insult your beliefs and your religion. WE are fighting to be considered your equal. Is that hard to understand!?! Everyone has their beliefs and they are entitled to them. But how can we take your beliefs at face value when we are constantly being told that we aren’t even worthy of being treated fairly.

That is Daddycatcher’s rant for the morning!!!

(Sacramento Bee via Towleroad)


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