GAYS on strike!?!

What would happen if GAYS went on strike!?!

Well, the possibility of that exact situation is not that far off. While Daddycatcher was searching through his Facebook profile, he came upon this event: Gays on Strike!

Granted, this idea has been explored in the 2006 television movie, Wedding Wars, starring the adorable John Stamos and the incredibly hot Eric Dane (one of Daddycatcher’s favorites). John Stamos plays Sheldon, a party planner, who goes on strike after the governor of Maine proposes a ban on gay marriage. Things are complicated by the fact that his brother, Ben (played by Dane), is engaged to the governor’s daughter and Sheldon was their wedding planner.


The movie was cute and all, but hardly the next coming of Norma Rae.

What would the reality of a gay strike look like? If all the gay people in Daddycatcher’s office went on strike, then there would only be 4 people working in the office. However, this event is also encouraging supporters of the gay community to join in the strike. So in that instance, the office would have to close for the day.

Is this a possibility!?! Daddycatcher would like to be optimistic but wonders if this will have an effect. The proposed strike date is January 19, 2009. This is the day before the inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama.

Will you be joining in the strike?



One Response to “GAYS on strike!?!”

  1. kickingalion Says:

    For information on Prop 8/Gay Rights boycotts, marches, letter writing campaigns and more, visit

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