Daddycatcher is an Election Addict

Daddycatcher has been suffering from some serious election withdrawl.  He is sure others out there are experiencing the same symptoms:

Trigger Finger – Instinctively pressing that button on the remote that switches from CNN to MSNBC to Fox News (Daddycatcher skips Fox News but realizes it takes all kinds) at the instant a commercial begins on any of those networks.

Blog Addiction – Searching for instant gratification within the blogosphere while at work.  Daddycatcher really finds that on down time at work, he searches for that one article or post that will get fulfill him emotionally.  However, they don’t always give him the gratification he desires or needs.  So he continues the evil spiral in blogosphere madness by searching for more information.  It cuts into his work.  He needs it…wants it…oh, look, has a new post up…

Night Sweats – Waking up in the middle of the night with visions of red and blue states on a huge wall?  You are not alone.  The dreams of shifting colors – blue, light blue, purple, light red, red – are dizzying and intoxicating.  Daddycatcher wants to touch one.  Let him touch one!!!!!!!


In order to overcome the addiction of election coverage, Daddycatcher recommends blowing off the excess angst at the gym.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  But he will try!

Also, he will find a new hobby, this blog, perhaps!

Or, he can start reading Barack Obama’s new blog and website – – that will keep everyone up to date on transition news.

What!?! It’s like the nicotine patch! Baby steps.


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