Lady Gaga in OUT Magazine

So despite a rather tepid performance at Madison Square Garden on Monday night opening for the New Kids on the Block (but I hear a rather amazing performance the next night at the Highline Ballroom), Lady Gaga’s new album, The Fame, has been playing non-stop on Daddycatcher’s iPod.

She’s featured in an article over at Out Magazine’s website. What Daddycatcher enjoys about Lady Gaga is that she’s a performance artist who also happens to write music.  And he also understands a particular feeling she describes in the article:

One of my favorite lines on the record is from “Just Dance,” when you sing “I love this record but I can’t see straight anymore.” Who can’t relate to being at a club at 3 a.m., drunk and tired and ready to leave — but all of a sudden your favorite song comes on and gets you back on the dance floor?
Totally. I mean how many times have you been out the door and then you get sucked back in?

If you like some catchy dance music, then check out her album.  Also, check out “Big Girl Now” on the New Kids on the Block album, The Block.  The track features Lady Gaga.

And check out the article here.


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