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Daddycatcher’s Little Boys

Posted in Men on October 30, 2008 by Daddycatcher

Rarely does the Daddycatcher’s eye get caught by someone younger than himself. He enjoys the more seasoned men. But Zac Efron has been catching his eye and making him a little jealous. Daddycatcher wants that body. This post is in honor of Daddycatcher’s friend who is out toiling in Times Square working the mine fields of theatre ticket sales for tourists.

Apparently, a shower scene was cut from High School Musical 3 and now the stills are on sale over at ebay.

Incidentally, is anyone else addicted to “Now or Never,” the song that has been played endlessly in on the trailers for the movie. Daddycatcher can’t seem to get that song to stop repeating itself on his iPod. It’s so adorably catchy!!!


Kindergarten Cop Urges CA to “Vote NO on Prop 8”

Posted in Politics on October 30, 2008 by Daddycatcher

Just read that Gov. Arnold Schwarznegger (forever known to the Daddycatcher as “Kindergarten Cop”) is urging voters in California to vote NO on Proposition 8 which would ban same-sex marriages in the Golden State.

Good for you, sir!  C’mon California, VOTE NO ON PROP. 8!!!

Especially, after some @$$hole from the “Yes on Proposition 8” campaign compares same-sex marriage to Adolf Hitler.  Watch and fume below.