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“What’s Playing at the Roxy!?! I’ll tell you what’s playing at the Roxy!”

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In the most bizarrely casted revival of the year, Lauren Graham (TV’s Gilmore Girls) has been cast as Miss Adelaide in the winter 2009 revival of Frank Loesser’s Guys and Dolls.  Oliver Platt will also be starring in the revival as the shyster Nathan Detroit.  Guys and Dolls was last seen on Broadway in 1992 in a revival that starred Peter Gallagher, Nathan Lane, and Faith Prince as Miss Adelaide.  Prince would end up winning a Tony Award for her portrayal of Miss Adelaide.

I am optimistic but this casting leaves me befuddled.  Especially since London just had a Donmar Warehouse revival a few years ago with Ewan McGregor as Sky Masterson, Jenna Russell (recently of Roundabout’s Sunday in the Park with George) as Sarah Brown, and Jane Krakowski as Miss Adelaide.  Why didn’t that transfer!?!

Here’s a little video, in case one is interested in the London production:

Daddycatcher enjoys the Ewan McGregor casting.  He would like to throw a name into the ring for the casting agents of the new Broadway revival: JAMES MARSDEN (Husband #5) as Sky Masterson!

Just sayin’!


Not like anyone asked but just in case…

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If there is indeed a “heaven” then your friend Daddycatcher hopes it is something akin to seeing New Kids on the Block at Madison Square Garden!

True, Daddycatcher was a wee tyke when the New Kids were all the rage but his aunt’s were obsessed. Pretty soon Daddycatcher was receiving cassette tapes (!) for his birthday and NKOTB beach towels for Christmas (along with the Merry, Merry Christmas album). Once a punch line for the over 25-set, the “Kids” are back and DAMN they are hot!

Hot Dads on the Block

Hot Dads on the Block


"You are 40 years old.  Pull your pants up!" -Jenn

I’m sure it’s because now I’m a full-fledged “Grown [Gay] Man” and they’ve matured into the age bracket that I crave and lust after. Never having seen them live in my youth, which is fleeting as I edge closer to the big 3-0, I relished the opportunity to ogle my boys twice during their concert tour. The first time, at the IZOD Center in New Jersey, was just a warm-up. They were great but still working on getting all the kinks out of the show. It felt a like finally sleeping with the hot guy you’ve been eyeing for months – good but a little careful. Once the first time is done and you’ve become somewhat acquainted physically, the second attempt is a rollicking good time.

Having now experienced NKOTB twice, I can truthfully say that if Jordan Knight needs a companion during the tour – I am available and all you bitches better stand back because I am ready to throw down!!!



And now presenting DADDYCATCHER’S TOP 5 MOMENTS from the New Kids on the Block at Madison Square Garden 10/27/08:

#1 “Dirty Dancing”
This is my favorite song from the new album, “The Block” and it was the moment that Madison Square Garden erupted into what Jenn described as a “massive orgy.” The guys were peforming on a spinning turntable in the middle of the Garden’s floor while a hot girl gyrated on top of a piano. Check it out below. This is the same number from their Toronto stop since the one I found that someone took last night wasn’t as good in quality. Some lucky bitch was pretty damn close.

#2 Shirtless (sort-of) Jordan Knight
It is no surprise that Daddycatcher likes his men muscle-y and toned. The fact that Jordan can sing is just a bonus. See it for yourself. This is from the Chicago. The one video I found from MSG last night does not do this man justice

#3 “New York, New York”
Joey McIntyre takes the opportunity to jump on the piano and lead the crowd in a verse from “New York, New York.” Which you can only do at Madison Square Garden in NYC! Period!

#4 “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)”
Jordan hitting the money note near the end of the song. To which I say (and many will agree): Before Justin, there was Jordan! This video also taken from the Toronto concert.

#5 Donnie and the Yankees Hat
He replaced his Boston Red Sox cap with a New York Yankees cap. Because really only a Boston fan can do that in New York and not get his ass kicked!

Shout-outs to Daddycatcher’s lovely companions for the evening, the lovely Miss Ashley, who got down with the Daddycatcher in section349! And also to Miss Jenn, who considered charging the stage to rip Joey’s clothes off. As for the Daddycatcher, he’s going to replay that Jordan Knight clip.

"It looks more BIG BOPPER than TEAM BEAT." -Joey McIntyre

It’s the Right Stuff, Bitches!!!